Grace Marriage

6 hours every 90 days can transform your marriage...

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What is Grace Marriage?

Grace Marriage is where you come together with a group of 10-12 other couples one Saturday every 3 months and proactively work to make your marriage all that God intended it to be. This is not a class, or a seminar, or a counseling session. It's a day filled with one-on-one and group discussion. With all the parenting, chores, jobs, and family issues a husband and a wife have to manage every week it can be easy to forget that we need to focus on one another. Grace Marriage provides 6 hours every 90 days where you can reset, reorient, and refocus on your spouse. 

Grace Marriage is NOT crisis counseling for marriages on the brink. It is proactive investment. It doesn't matter if you feel your marriage is very healthy or in need of a lot of work, Grace Marriage will help yours go from not so great to good or from good to great. 

Childcare is provided as well as lunch for parents and kids. 

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