about robert

What do you do here at Tates Creek?

I oversee the church's operations: facilities, staff, finances, human resources, and execution of the strategic planning.


New Orleans, LA

What’s on your bucket list?

To visit every content in the world, African safari, and spend some time in India learning more about the food and culture.

Favorite Movies

Amadeus, Shawshank, Green Mile

Favorite Podcast

Favorite Podcasts though: Murder Mystery, Biblical History, and Food & Culture

Favorite piece of advice you have been given

"Sometimes you have to flex your 'Have to Muscle.'"

"You've made it through 100% of your worst days."

"Someone is praying to be in your situation."

Random Piece of Info

I have literally stood on top of the world!

In one of my visits to Alaska, I went to Borrow, AK in February. The Arctic Ocean was frozen and I walked 100 yards out to literally stand on top of the world!

Favorite Verse/ Worship Song

Psalm 139

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