We’ve all experienced that moment when the phone rings and we learn that company is on their way. We run the vacuum, put up the dishes and light the candles just in time for the doorbell to ring. As a church, we want to do everything we can to be ready for the new faces God is bring to our church. With a mission to make disciples of all people for Christ, we want to create a great first impression by providing a fresh, warm and welcoming environment. Below are videos and frequently asked questions that can give you all the details. If you’d like to give to the campaign you can click the link below. Get ready because, Company is Coming!

Check out the videos below to learn more!


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  • The Elders are so excited that we have reached the time to start making these changes that we have been discussing, praying, and planning for over the last few years. The Elders worked with a professional Architect in conjunction with our design committee and our facilities committee to come up with the style and scope of this project. 

  • We will be updating our main floor bathrooms, the hallway, our 200 rooms, the lobby, and our Sanctuary. 

  • We will be updating and brightening our bathrooms with new lighting, new wall coverings, fresh paint, new stalls, new sinks and faucets, new countertops, and new flooring!

  • We will be updating and brightening up our space with fresh paint, new flooring, and new fixtures! 

  • We will be updating and brightening up our lobby with fresh paint, new lighting, a new interactive connections area, new flooring, new signage, and adding new automatic handicap accessible entrance. 

  • We will be updating and brightening up our Sanctuary with fresh paint, fixing lighting issues with new lighting, and new flooring. 

  • We have been working hard behind the scenes sourcing materials, putting together contractors, and preparing to begin the remodel April 18, 2022. Our projected completion date for this remodel is November 6, 2022! 

    • Stagnant spaces can lead to stagnant attitudes. Seeing something in a new light can help us see everything with new ideas and possibilities. Sometimes fresh paint and carpet help us dream about what else could use a face lift, from ministries to outreach events. It can be inspiring and be a visible and tangible picture of a church on the move. 
    • Fresh looks for fresh faces. We want to create a new inviting space for our new guests and families in order to create a warm and welcoming first impression. Studies show that most people decide if they will come back to a church in their first seven minutes. That means they will likely come to the parking lot, use the restrooms, sit down, and decide before they hear the first song or sermon. Fair or not, they often decide based on their very first impression. 
    • Over the years, we have worked hard to clean, maintain, and update our church as much as possible. But like in our own homes, we sometimes have to replace worn out carpet, repaint walls, and update fixtures. In a lot of our areas, we have not made any major improvements in over 25 years! These improvements will allow us to better maintain and reduce costs in keeping up these spaces! 
  • Locking in a total price for this project has been difficult due to price fluctuations in the marketplace. Our best estimate including a contingency fund is approximately $850,000. The church has already set aside over one-tenth of this project from existing funds. Our leadership team has already pledged another tenth as well. 

    To help us control costs and time of the project, we have secured a line of credit in the amount of $1.1 million so that we can order items as soon as possible. This will ensure that we are being the good stewards we are called to be, ensure we minimize the time it will take to complete this remodel, and will cover any unknown incidentals. The Elders have prayed over this and feel with the faithfulness of our congregation and love for the Lord, we can complete this Capital Campaign in 18 months and remain debt free as a church!