Coronavirus Updates

God’s church is always a place of safe harbor in a time of storm. It is our intent that we remain that safe harbor to as many people as possible as we undergo this crisis.

For now, morning services will still be broadcast using Facebook live, YouTube, and our website. We invite you to join us at your regular worship time of 9:30 AM or 11:00 AM.

Here’s what you need to know as we regather for worship.   Click here to watch a short information video!

  • Do not feel obligated to come just because we are regathering. If you prefer to stay at home a little longer, we encourage you to do so.  The services will continue to be broadcast on the church website, Facebook, and YouTube.  We encourage you to watch through the church website link.  This will give you the opportunity to interact with fellow church members similar to the Facebook comments section, but you do not need a username or password to login. There is also an option to request prayer and have a private conversation with the digital service host.
  • If you choose to join us for worship, you will be expected to wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you do not have a mask, one will be available for you. Wearing a mask is more for the protection of others than yourself. We ask you to show love and concern or your brothers and sisters in Christ by wearing a mask.
  • Gathering in the foyer will be prohibited. When you arrive, please go directly to the Worship Center and find a seat. When the service is over, you will be dismissed by sections. Please leave the building as you are dismissed.
  • Seating will be marked off to maintain social distancing between families.
  • Children's classes are available for birth through 8th grade at 9:30 and 11 am.  Please contact Lesley Tipton for more information and to RSVP.
  • Sunday School classes will be able to meet upon approval.  We must make sure rooms are available and can accommodate social distancing.  Please contact Rich Pannell if you want to consider meeting again.
  • No van services to off-site parking until further notice.


We are excited about the opportunity to regather together as family. There is one more thing we need: volunteers.  The new volunteer registry system is very simple. You should have received an email with a link to the opportunities for service. Each of the volunteer positions are listed with the dates for which we need to fill those positions. Click as many dates as you are willing to serve underneath jobs for which you would like to volunteer. When you are finished, click submit at the bottom of the page and you are done. The following is a list of the positions we need to fill every Sunday morning.  Contact the office if you did not receive the email, 859.266.1621.


We will need a cleaning team to work between the services. Immediately after the first service the pews will need to be wiped down with disinfectant, the doorways, door handles and any other commonly touched surfaces will need to be disinfected. The bathrooms will also need to be sprayed and wiped with disinfectant. We need five people willing to volunteer for this ministry between 10:15am and 10:45am every Sunday morning.

Door greeters:

Door greeters are self-explanatory. However, they will NOT be there to shake hands. Door greeters will maintain a 6-foot distance when they give arriving worshipers a joyful greeting and direct them straight into the sanctuary. We will need two door greeters for each service, two from 9:15am to 9:40am, and two from 10:45am to 11:10am.

Upstairs Guest Central:

We need 2 people to greet visitors and hand out our first-time visitor bags at our Guest Central area.  Contact Rich Pannell with any questions.

Downstairs Guest Central:

We need 2 people to greet visitors and hand out our first-time visitor bags at our Guest Central area.

Communion servers:

In an effort to minimize contact, each service will have communion servers who will hand out individual, disposable communion sets. Using gloved hands, they will hand out communion to each worshiper as they arrive for the service. We will need two communion servers for each service, two from 9:15am to 9:40am, and two from 10:45am to 11:10am.

Camera operators:

Another new service opportunity will be the camera operators. This is not a difficult, or complicated task, but it will need a little bit of training prior to the service. The worship services will continue to be live streamed at the regular worship hours. The camera operators will monitor the cameras and occasionally redirect the cameras as activity on the stage moves. We will need two camera operators for each service, two from 9:20am to 10:30am, and two from 10:50am to 12:00pm.

Projector operator:

The projector operators serve in the video room. They are the ones who make sure the right slides show up at the right time on the screen. Training is required for this position. If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Rich Pannell or Larry Bugg.

Video switcher operator:

Since we will be broadcasting with two cameras, we need someone to monitor the activity on the stage and switch between the cameras at appropriate times. This volunteer will also be working from the video room and some training will be required. In a manner of speaking, this person will be the director of the Sunday morning online experience. We will need one video switcher operator for each service, one from 9:20am to 10:30am, and one from 10:50am to 12:00pm.

Digital service host:

This is an exciting new opportunity that can even be done from your home. Our new video streaming service allows people watching to post comments and connect with the church and other worshipers during service. It also has the ability for someone to request prayer during the service and to connect privately with the host to share their concerns (just by text, no audio or video). The digital service host will monitor the conversations during the service and will be responsible for responding to any prayer request during the service. This can be done through a computer at your home or here at the church. This is not a complicated ministry, but some training will be necessary. We will need a minimum of one host per service. Multiple people can serve as host at the same time. If you are interested in serving as a digital service host, or if you just want more information, please contact Rich Pannell, or (276) 791-9787.

With your help, Tates Creek Christian Church will be a safe, welcoming, and joyful place of worship. Thank you for your continued support for the church and service to the Lord.

We Care Store Service Opportunities:

  • We Care will continue to operate.  We Care will be open on Tuesdays 1:30pm to 3:30pm and 4:00pm to 5:45pm.
  • We ask for your continued support of We Care.  Donations can be accepted anytime during office hours M-F.

Items needed for the We Care Store include:

Shampoo, laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste, body wash, feminine hygiene products, razors, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers (any size), wipes, juice, bottled water, cereal, oatmeal, any non-perishable breakfast items, crackers, pancake mix, syrup, mac & cheese, spaghetti sauce, dry pasta spaghetti, canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned ravioli, soup, laundry detergent, dish detergent, cleaning supplies, bread/buns, any snack items.

The following are recommendations and information regarding care during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Home Care

General Public information

Information for Senior Adults